Nein der Hund ist nicht der Chor

Chorus: And the human mind

Tears: And the human mind

Chorus: Yes and the human mind.
Of course the human mind
Has that anything to do with I am I because my little dog knows me.
What is the chorus.

Chorus: What is the chorus.
Anyway there is the question of identity.
What is the use of being a little boy if you are to grow up to be a man.

Chorus: No the dog is not the chorus.

(From Gertrude Stein, The Question of Identity)

One thought on “Nein der Hund ist nicht der Chor”

  1. The human mind: The dog barks in a. It is a question.
    The Chorus: Who barks the question, a or -a?
    -A: Ask the dog’s mind.
    A: The tail is the protagonist, he knows.
    The Chorus: The Mind is not the tail.
    The human mind: The Mind is not the tail?
    (The Song barks in tears.)
    (From Manfred, A harsh Answer)

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